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A Form for each business need

Create them in few minutes and place them where you want. Get ready to attract new Contacts easy!

  • Pop-up Form

    Get your visitors attention at the right time and place. Use a Form that appears in front of their eyes on your Website or Online Store.

    Define where! Do you want to display it only on desktop or also on mobile devices? It's up to you!

    Decide when! Once the user has moved around the screen, after staying some time on the page or when trying to leave the Web. Your choice!

    Will it reappear? When? You may give your visitors a second chance to become Contacts. It's always a good idea!

  • Classic Form

    Try to embed the Form in your Website, E-commerce, Landing Page, Blog, Facebook Tab or share it through a URL. Make every channel of your strategy a valuable source for new Contacts!

    Landing Page or embedded? Choose to include it in your Website or as a Landing Page. You can always share this page in your Social Networks or through any other channel.

    Get information about your Form! Connect it to your Google Analytics account to know its performance. You may identify sources of traffic, the number of visitors in a period of time and other useful insights.

    Customize what search engines and Social Media display! Define the title, description and thumbnail image of your Form for these channels.

WhatsApp Pop-up Form

Add one more way of instant communication with your brand. How does it work? A visitor arrives to your Site, clicking on the floating WhatsApp button will display a Form for the person to complete with their data.

Then they will be redirected to the chat so that they can consult directly what they need from your business.

  • Contact in real time with your Users.

  • Convert your contacts into customers.

  • Customize the appearance and the information fields you need.

  • Increase your Database and capture Contacts to carry out Email Marketing Campaigns.

Get 100% customized Forms in minutes

Create them with drag and drop elements. Add your logo, title, description and the Fields you want. Also, your Social Networks share buttons and even a background image. You don't need technical expertise to use our Forms Editor!

You may customize all your elements and give them your visual identity. Your brand speaks throughout your colours, fonts, shapes and layout.


Web Forms that fit every device

Your Forms will adapt to every user's device and not the other way round. Visitors may complete them no matter from which device they access!


Customize every step of the subscription process


Do you want to be sure about the authenticity of your Contacts? This is the right way! Send them a Confirmation Email so they can give you their consent to receive your Campaigns. You may also schedule an Email to give them a warm welcome to your community.

This is faster and easier! You don't need to create an Email or a confirmation page. The user will subscribe with their Email and the rest of the data you request.

Your Form everywhere

Set them up in strategic places! Convert visitors, followers and readers into Contacts.

  • Embedded in your Web Site, Online Store or Blog

    Right in the code or as an IFrame.

  • As a Landing Page

    Copy the open URL and distribute it in different channels.

  • Pop-up Form

    Define where, how and what content you will show.

Protect your Contact's information

Do you have Contacts located in the European Union? From the Editor you'll be able to adapt to the GDPR policy. You may include both 'information layers' required in your Subscription Forms.

  • First layer: Checkboxes for consent about the compliance with the Privacy Policy of the company. Also agreement about the use and scope of the personal information.

  • Second layer: A legal text that specifies the purpose, legitimacy and destination of the mentioned data.

What else to expect from your Forms?

  • feature-geolocation

    Social Networks sharing Display your Classic and Pop-up Forms on your favorite Social platforms. Invite your visitors to share them with their community!

  • feature-mail-clients

    Social Media share buttons Take every opportunity to get new followers! Place the Share buttons at the end of your Forms.

  • feature-clicks

    Custom Fields Create and include them in your Forms to get specific and interesting data for your business.

Grow your Contact Lists!

In few minutes you'll be ready to attract potential customers with a Subscription Form. Want to grow your business? Create your free account and send unlimited Campaigns up to 500 Contacts through 90 days.

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