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Refund Policy

It is the Company’s Policy not to make refunds unless the problem has occurred due to a malfunction of the platform, or if the account has been cancelled without cause.

If the account would have been cancelled without cause, the refund will be given corresponding to the amount of the last period charged. This refund will be credited on the following month the cancellation was made.

When you request a chargeback, the bank that issues your credit card will reverse the payment you made to Doppler, and the activity will be disabled in your account. To resolve the chargeback and re-enable sending, navigate to the Contact or Monthly Plans, and re-purchase your order.

Refunds will not apply for Premium Plans by Contactos, by Emails or by Credits unused that were cancelled due to non-compliance with the Terms & Conditions and/or the Anti Spam Policy.

Doppler reserves the right to disable or cancel any account if the Support team considers that the Terms and Conditions and/or the Anti Spam Policies have been infringed.

For more information, write us at [email protected]

Updated on May 24, 2018