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Bushnell Hybrid Golf Laser Rangefinder – Pin Seeker, Slope, 5X – Review & Buying Guide

As per trusted reports more than 99% of Tour players use a Bushnell laser Rangefinder. This is because these products have unrivalled precision.
One such shining star among their many products is the Bushnell Hybrid. As the name “hybrid” suggests, this device has the combined features of a unrivalled laser precision and GPS provided “Front” and “”Back” distances in the LCD. This means there is not even a minute chance of guess work to be done as all the required numbers or details are readily made available. So now the player can play the game with full confidence.

To detail a few key features of this product:

  • Fully integrated Laser/GPS Display makes this device the world’s first Golf Laser Range finder having both features such as laser and GPS
  • Pin Seeker with JOLT technology gives the exact distance and informs the player by means of short vibrating bursts as soon as the laser locks into the flag.
  • As with other Bushnell devices, this too comes preloaded with around 36000 courses which are available in countries all over the world.

In addition to the above, other basic features are also included such as free access to the Bushnell Golf App. In addition, the player on purchase of the Hybrid device can get hole flyovers with front, center, back and hazard distances. Also included is the hole by hole layouts with distances. A special feature is that there is the option of Bluetooth connection. This means that details of the courses can be updated wirelessly on the Hybrid device. All this and much more. It’s the first time that distances measured by the laser and GPS are combined into a fully integrated Display. The best part is that this device is fully legal to use in a tournament. Other extra features also include dual battery source that is CR2 for Laser and USB for the GPS.

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