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Bushnell Pro X2 Golf Laser Rangefinder – Review & Buying Guide

As the name itself suggests this is a pro model which means that all laser rangefinder’s innovations are packed into this model. The specialty of this product is that it has the Tour Trusted Slope switch Technology. This helps the Golfer to get the distance measured based on the hole’s incline/decline. In addition, it has the feature to turn off the extra features in order to confirm to the rules of a tournament.

The special feature is that the Pin Seeker’s JOLT technology leaves nothing to doubt that the flag has been locked.
All this comes in a sturdy metal pack which fully water proof is thereby giving the golfer an ultimate rangefinder.

To name in short some of its great features which are as follows:

Slope switch technology features which means that the slope function can either be enabled or disabled. This means when the player wants to find out the distances around the course, he can use it and a then disable the same while playing tournaments as it is illegal.
It has a dual display technology which is exclusive to this model only. This means that the display can be changed from a bright red vivid display to a sharp black display based on the lighting conditions or as personal choices. All this is available at a simple press of a button.

This model has the Pin Seeker with JOLT technology which means the device will give out short vibrating pulses as a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked into the flag. In short, all doubts are removed with a jolt so to speak.In conclusion, as with all Bushnell products , this too comes with other standard features such as access to Bushnell Golf App, 3D Flyovers with distances, details of Hole Layouts with Distances, and of course the access to more than 36000+ courses all over the world. Another specific feature is that the last range reading need not be cleared. The new reading simply overwrites on the old reading. So enjoy this sturdy metal cased and fully water proof device to play a thrilling round of Golf.

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