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Bushnell Tour Z6 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT – Review & Buying Guide

Bushnell Tour z6

This product comes with some real good features. The Bushnell Tour z6 has Pin Seeker with Jolt technology. This gives the Golfer short vibrating bursts to confirm that the laser has locked onto the flag. The speed and range is incredible because it can instantaneously acquire flags up to 450 yards. It has a unique feature of Second Generation ESP that is Extreme, Speed, and Precision. This coupled with the VDT Technology that is Vivid Display Technology that is known for clarity. This improves the display so that the target can be identified positively even in all types of lighting conditions.

The features can be summed up into the following:

  • Range is from 5 to 1300 years, 450+ yards to flags, ½ yard accuracy from between 5 to 125 yards
  • The Pin Seeker with Jolt technology let you know when you hit the flag by giving a Jolt.
  • 6x magnification, and 2nd generation E.S.P and vivid display technology which improves the clarity, contrast and light transmission.
  • Class 1 laser. Accurate to within A1/2 yard and gives almost instant measurements in yards and meters as well.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty and comes with a case.

Best of all, the main attractive point of this product is that is it legal for using it in the tournaments. That is why it has become the number one choice of professional Golfers. In fact this product has made it to the Best sellers rank. Golfers who used this product in mild fog have confirmed that it has performed really well in such adverse conditions. In fact the Tour z6 gives yardages to other objects such as a bunker or even a tree. The icing on the cake is that the Bushnell product comes with good customer service so that any doubts about the product can be easily cleared.

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