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Izzo Golf Swami 5000 Golf GPS Rangefinder – Preloaded 38000+ Courses – Review & Buying guide

Izzo Golf Swami 5000

Izzo Golf Swami 5000

The name itself is so striking that it grabs the attention of the Golfer. The features too are strikingly amazing. Some of its features can be grouped into the following categories which are detailed below:

  • Distances: F/C/B to greens; layup/carry to hazards & doglegs all easily covered
  • Preloaded 38,000+ global course maps with no additional annual or download fees
  • Auto course recognition & hole-advance
  • New slimmer and attractive profile & larger 2-inch color LCD
  • New improved 12+ hour battery life & scorecard feature (which included save & view scores)
  • Sturdy, Water resistant and Easy to charge magnetic charger

This device can be termed as a simple and great product which is easy to use. It has some basic features and does not have a touch screen interface. Some find this to be very convenient as they do not have to worry about affecting the touch screen inadvertently and thereby shifting to some other mode. The physical design along with its simplicity is the reason for many choosing this product. Not just that it is supported by a good customer support team and comes with good warranty too. The GPS system is effective and the yardages seem to be spot on. The size, accuracy and screen all make it a top notch product. However some of its parts such as cable and battery etc. need a slight improvement. Overall, this product is a dependable one and lasts longer than most other devices so it is definitely worth buying. The reviews by users of this product are generally very good with only a few seeking a slight improvement. That all. It has a good star rating and the price too is very reasonable making it an economical purchase.

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